Cut and Polish in Grovedale

We were in Grovedale this week to do a cut and polish for Jennifer.  The car was a blue mazda (we love our Mazdas they are great cars.  We had a 1988 Mazda 626 for a number of years.  Denis was in love with it.  We finally had to get rid of it because we could no longer get parts for it.  Denis was very sad that he had to part with it.  It was a great car that just kept going and going.  By the time we parted with it it had nearly done 1 million km.)

This little mazda had been brushed against a fence which had left some marks.  Denis was able to remove all the marks and some other slight scratching with a good cut and polish.  Jennifer was delighted with the results.  We didn’t get any photos but this is what Jennifer had to say.

“Hi Denis….thank you so much for the cut and polish you did on my car…I couldn’t get over how shiny and clean it was… looked like I had a brand new car…I would recommend you to anyone wanting a cut and polish on there car…once again thank so much..”

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