Cut and polish in geelong and werribee

Cut and Polish

What a cut and polish can do

cut and polish can get rid of any surface scratches on your car.  It can also bring the shine back to your car if the paint work on your car has gone a little dull.   A cut and polish can also remove swirl marks and sometime spiderwebbing.  Sometimes you may get dried cleaning solution on your car, a cut and polish should be able to remove that.

What a cut and polish can’t do

cut and polish will only remove surface starches.  If the scratches are too deep then they will need to be repainted.  Sometimes they will only need touch up paint but if there are many on them you may need to have the whole panel repainted.  If you can see difference in color then the scratches are probably too deep to remove with a cut and polish.  The color you will usually see with a deep scratch is white.  But if you are unsure give us a call and discuss it with us.  We are always happy to help you out when we can.

Please watch our Video to find out more about getting a cut and polish in Geelong or Werribee

If your clear coat has started to peel a cut and polish won’t be able to fix it.  Peeling clear coat looks like you have a layer of plastic coming off your car or bubbles or blisters appearing on the paint surface.  If you have this problem I suggest getting in touch with a spray painter in your area.

Another thing a cut and polish usually cannot do is remove stickers, paint over spray, tar or concrete.

Cut and Polishes start at $150

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