Mini Car Detailing Geelong North

North Geelong Mini Car Detail

This week we were doing a mini car detail on a Holden wagon in North Geelong.  Our mini detail is the same as our full car detail except it doesn’t include steam cleaning of the seats or carpets in your car.  It is a great option if your car is just a bit dusty and dirty but you don’t have stains or mud on your seats or carpet in your car.  We will still clean the vent, dash, door jams and wash the outside and of course give the whole car a very good vacuum.

Here is a before and after shot of our mini car detail.


Car detail Geelong NorthNorth Geelong Car Detailing

Before the mini Car Detail                         After the mini Car Detail

This is the carpet in the back of the car.  Not sure what that blue light is but it was a  blue car so it must be some type of reflection.

So if your car needs a good full detail, mini detail or even just an inside detail then give us a call today

0406 714 357

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