Pre Sale Car Detail

Pre sale car detail in Geelong

Pre Sale Car Detail

Many people call us when they want to sell their car.  This is a great idea, if your car looks sparkling clean then you are likely to get a much better price for it.  A well cleaned car also gives the impression that the car has been looked after and well maintained.

A pre sale car detail is usually a full detail with a cut and polish.  Sometimes the engine bay is cleaned as well.

We will get your car looking as new as we can by giving all the inside a good detail including vents, dash, door jams and steam clean your seats and carpets etc.  A cut and polish will get rid of any surface scratches and bring the shine back to your car.

Denis loves doing this type of detail for our customers.  Many people comment that they did not think their car would come up as well as it did or it is looking brand new again.  We even had one customer who decided not to sell the car after Denis had finished detailing it because it look so good.

If you have any questions please call us on 0406 714 357.