Steam Cleaning the seats and carpets in your car.

Car steam clean is necessary if your seats are stained or grubby.  However, if your seats and carpets are in good condition they may just need a good vacuum to get them looking great again. However if they are older, stained or just had lots of use they may need a good steam clean. We do not actually use a steam cleaner to clean your seats and carpets. What we use is a shampoo extractor. This will shampoo your seats and hopefully remove any stains, marks or general grubbiness.

We will do our best to get your seats looking new again. But of course we cannot guarantee every stain will go. Sometimes a car is just too far gone for even us to get it looking new again. As I’m sure you know some stains will not go no matter how hard you try. In saying that Denis is very good at getting those stubborn stains out.

The steam cleaning machine we use is powerful because it


You will get great results with cleaning your carpets and seats of your car if you mix the carpet detergents water.

To get the best deep clean, you need to inject the right volume of cleaning solvent added to water. Dirt gets stuck in carpet fibres, it can be loosened by the detergent solution and this allows the solution to also be rinsing agent. This enables our machine to clean your carpets and seats quickly, often in one pass. Your seats and carpets will dry quicker if only one or two passes are needed. If your seats or carpets are very stained then we may need to pass over your fabric a few more times and this will extend the drying time.


Our Machine’s powerful vacuuming extraction is vital part of the cleaning process. Without it, a lot of the dirt and excessive moisture will be left behind.

The shampoo solution and dirt is removed in the final stage of the steam cleaning process; this leaves most seats and carpets dry within two hours.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Usually when people want there seats and carpets cleaned they order an inside or full detail from us. However if you just want your seats or carpets steam cleaned we can arrange that as well.

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